About us

Founded by Hayama in1968, Kouritu has been committed to provide the best and affordable rubber molded products that exceed all customer requirements for quality and service.
We opened our China office and manufacturing facility in 2003 to expend our production capacity.
From beginning to end, Kouritu works for you and with you to ensure that you receive more than what you need.
If you are looking for custom rubber molding services for your next project, please contact us to learn more.

Head office and plant

address 253-0016
8-3 Kozakura-Chou Chigasaki-shi Kanagawa-ken JAPAN

TEL +81-467-52-7588
e-mail sales@kouritu.com

China plant

address: 中国大連開発区湾里街39号1d#
e-mail sales@kouritu.com