Precision Molded Products

Precision molded

Our precision molded products have been well received by our customers.
We produce a variety of rubber parts from exterior parts to functional parts.
Embossing to the surface is also possible.
If you choose silicone rubber, we can also provide colored rubber products.

Microphone housing

Material: EPDM rubber
Hardness: 50°

Medical Rubber Products

Material: Silicon rubber VMQ
Hardness: 30 °

USB Terminal Cover

Material: NBR
Hardness: 60°.

Color products

Material: VMQ rubber
Hardness: 50°


Color number


Material: NBR
We can also do embossing of products.

Check Valve

Check Valve

We produce duckbill type, umbrella type, and combined type check valves.
Not only production, but also performance testing such as leak pressure measurement is available.
Although it is an option, leak pressure inspection of all products is also available.

Simulated deformation of the duckbill tip when internal pressure is applied.
Umbrella type check valve operating principles

The figure on the left shows the movement of an umbrella-type product.
Air from above does not pass through, but when air from below exceeds a certain pressure, the product deforms upward and the air is released.


Vulcanization bonded products

Vulcanization bonded products

Various metals and rubber are integrally molded.
We handle a lot of vulcanization bonding of SUS, brass and rubber materials.

Sliced products

Cylindrical products are sliced to make products.
Other manufacturers can only cut cylindrical products, but we can cut rectangular and other shapes as shown in the photo.


We also assemble rubber with resin and metal.
Due to confidentiality agreements with our customers, we are unable to show specific photos of this.